• Manage a stroke

    How to Manage a Stroke?

    (Note: A glossary has been mentioned below) The management of a stroke includes certain medications, lifestyle modifications, rehabilitation, and sometimes surgery.   What are the... Read More

  • Stroke & TIA

    Stroke & TIA: Clinical Assessment

    How to assess the patient? Healthcare professionals will assess the patient and secure the airway, support breathing, and blood circulation initially. Blood sugar should be... Read More

  • Pregnancy by weeks

    Pregnancy by Weeks

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  • Live a simple life

    How to Live a Simple Life?

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  • Diagnose diabetes mellitus

    How to Diagnose Diabetes Mellitus?

    Symptoms and signs of diabetes mellitus The particular symptoms and signs help the healthcare professionals diagnose diabetes mellitus. Symptoms of diabetes mellitus can be divided... Read More

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    What is Diabetes Mellitus?

    Diabetes mellitus is a condition of long-term (chronic) hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose) due to reduced insulin secretion, insulin resistance (insulin cannot act), or both. Insulin... Read More